Digital Marketing Rockstars

What is a Digital Marketing Rockstar?
Digital Marketing Rockstar Qualifications

Although a fancy degree is far from essential in the quest to become a digital marketing rockstar, a good marketing degree is invariably a huge help. Whether you opt for an MA in Business Administration or a BA in Computer Science, a solid academic grounding should be your first step.

Typically, most digital marketing types will have gained some kind of further education, with the transferable skills earned during the course of a degree often a great advantage when dealing with the hectic demands of a digital marketing rockstar career.

Content Marketing and SEO

Of course, digital content marketing and SEO go hand in hand, so while great content is essential, understanding how to keyword optimize it correctly and get it in front of the appropriate audience is every bit as crucial.

As the ebb and flow of Google’s algorithms has left many digital marketing experts rocking back and forth mumbling about black hats, penguins and pandas you must stay on top of any developments in this ever changing landscape.

Enhance Your Social Media Skills

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, you’ve probably come into contact with some form of social media. However, in an effort to become a true digital marketing rockstar, you’ll need to know more than how to optimize Facebook or Instagram and others.

You need need to understand how social media increases brand awareness and helps generate referral traffic to your website. You’ll also need to have an understanding of how LinkedIn can help, as well as the intricacies of Google+, among others.

Develop Your Digital Marketing Technical Abilities

With a degree in your back pocket, a firm grasp of digital content marketing and SEO, and a handle on the mechanics of social media, a digital marketing rockstar is should be an expert in the typical software packages used by a digital marketing firm.

Whether it’s Google Analytics, AdWords, Hootsuite or WordPress, you must strive to become the go to guy or girl your colleagues can call upon when things go south and a good comprehension of the above will help when the time comes to say “I am a digital marketing rockstar“.

Now it’s up to you …