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Jim Rider – Marketing Rockstar
Digital Marketing RockstarI started my career in the Silicon Valley in 1978 as a Service Rep for the phone company. Over the next 20 years I rose up the ranks holding jobs as a Technician and as an account Executive until in 1999. I achieved the pinnacle of my career and was awarded Presidents Club honors as one of the top sales reps in the State. I had also earned a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and a Masters Degree in Communications Management.

So I was making a ton of money and had a gold plated resume to die for. This was also the year the Phone Company offered a very sweet early retirement buyout. I grabbed the cash and never looked back!

Fast forward to 2003, I am suffering from a very bad back problem and hear about this new thing called Disc Replacement Long story but after much deliberation I was off to Germany to get my surgery. As it turns out I was the first American to arrive at this place, Stenum Hospital, for any surgery, let alone disc replacement. The management at the hospital was very interested in getting more Americans to come over so I agreed to go home and work on this challenge.

Well it is now over 15 years later and I have sent well over 2000 patients to Stenum! Yes at 30K plus per surgery that’s well over 50 Million in sales.

How is this done? It all started with a simple website and an Adwords account.

Over the years I began to understand more and more about SEO and Google, I really have an addiction for cool dot coms. I decided to learn an html editor and chose Dreamweaver. Purchasing and learning Dreamweaver I would say is the second secret to my success. Using Dreamweaver I could edit and manipulate the code at will, not tied down by some site builder tool. Now this is not for everyone and unless you are good at complex coding I surely don’t recommend buying Dreamweaver, but if you can it will open may doors.

Over the past 10 years I have managed and manipulated a PPC budget in excess of 100K annually. You can do the math over one million and most of it to Google in the form of Adwords payments. Sure I have Yahoo, Bing and other accounts but really Adwords is where the focus is and where the money is made.

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