Increase profits by Self Publishing a #1 Bestseller on Amazon

By self publishing your own bestseller on Amazon you become a respected expert in your field and increase your market share while reducing the need for other costly advertising. Put the power of Amazon to work for you!


Self Publishing Bestseller on Amazon

#1 International Amazon Bestseller

Less Advertising more Sales!

At Artificial Disc we began sending our Amazon Bestseller to all of our perspective customers. The first year we did this we reduced our advertising costs by 20% while still maintaining our revenue thus improving on profit.

After further analysis we also found that our customer lead to close rate improved significantly!

All this by simply publishing and distributing an Amazon Bestseller Book.

Jim Rider

Grow your business with an Amazon #1 Bestselling Book!

Our Amazon Bestseller Approach

You could call this technique Marketing through Amazon #1 Bestsellers.
By becoming a #1 Bestseller on Amazon you become an expert in your field and attract more business.

Our Amazon #1 Bestseller Strategy
Every business wants to rise above the pack, get noticed, get more business and grow.

Becoming a #1 Amazon Bestseller is how you do it!
By publishing a #1 Bestseller on Amazon you get the power of one of the largest marketing giants there is.

What if I’m not an accomplished writer?

That’s OK, it is likely what you have written, your website content, your social media, brochures, videos and such can be used to create quality content for the book.

If you already have a book written it will be professional edited and formatted for publication on Amazon.

What if my book doesn’t sell?

That’s OK as well, your Amazon Bestseller can be used as a handout at seminars and trade events or sent to your potential customers. 
You can get copies for about $4.

Increase your business with your own Bestselling Book!

Sit down with International Best-selling author Everett O’Keefe to discuss your
book idea and what a book can do for your brand and your business.